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Takos by Bonasila

geometric shape frp planters
geometric shape frp planters

Give your living space and outdoors an artistic touch with big plants and planters

The elegance meets artistry. Takos elevates the charisma of your decor with its stylish design that is a mixture of artistic texture and grace. You can place these planters indoors and as well outdoors as it shines in any environment.

geometric shape frp planters


A : top width, B : bottom width, C : maximum width, D : depth(in full body), H : height
Name PriceABCDH
Takos 27 2112031"31"35.5"27"
Takos 21 1596025"23.5"27.5"21.5"
Takos 16 883018.5"18.5"21"16"
Takos 11 558012"12"14"11"
Name PriceABCDH
Takos 27 21120787mm787mm902mm686mm
Takos 21 15960635mm597mm698mm546mm
Takos 16 8830470mm470mm533mm406mm
Takos 11 5580305mm305mm356mm279mm
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